Account-Based Intelligence
That Powers Performance

No more bad data. No more poor-quality leads.

Just validated and enriched account-based intelligence that orchestrates your B2B demand generation activity and empowers your sales teams.


Validate. Prioritize. Optimize.

For years, B2B sales and marketing teams have clashed over poor-quality leads, bad data and a lack of real, genuine insights into prospects. Despite improvements in marketing technology, these issues are yet to go away.

Until now.

Argus is the demand orchestration and account-intelligence tool for B2B sales and marketing teams, combining data management, campaign tracking and account-wide intent data to power your ABM and lead generation activity.

Powering demand generation for sales, marketing, publishers and agencies.

For Sales Teams

Prioritize sales follow up based on the accounts showing the highest levels of intent.

Increases your sales conversion rates with insight-rich company cards.

For Marketing Teams

Validated, cleansed and enriched lead data, powering the performance of your campaigns.

Track and optimize campaigns in real-time with easy to use reporting dashboards.

For Agencies, Publishers and Telemarketing

Provide your clients with enriched lead intelligence or push this data back out to a DSP for hyper-targeting

Easy to use dashboards means you can keep track of and pace campaign activity and easily build reports.


A scalable pricing model that suits your needs.

Argus is built to fit around your needs and priorities, whether you’re leading internal sales and marketing efforts or running demand generation activity as a publisher or agency.

For sales & marketing teams, monthly subscriptions are available for free for a basic Bronze package.

For publishers & agencies, a monthly subscription starts at $3,000, ranging up to $8,000 for a fully customized bespoke solution.

We work closely with your teams to customize Argus to your needs, making sure you’re getting the most value out of your investment.

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Argus differs from other intent lead solutions by leaning away from data gathered in the bidstream and news articles. Argus only takes its intent from millions of real engagements ranging from content downloads, event and web event attendees and real life conversations.
Once signed on to Argus, you will be given an account manager to help you with any of the set up processes required. The set up elements are designed simply and clearly to allow for a smooth process, allowing you to start working on getting data into your internal systems as quickly as possible.
Yes. With a team of GDPR practitioners sitting on the Argus development team, we have been careful to ensure that data transfer and intent lead data is 100% GDPR compliant.
Argus is designed to improve collaboration rather than stifle it by limiting licenses. The idea is for sales and marketing to have access to the same data and same insights. As such, there are no limits on the number of licenses per domain.